This is the title of a poem written by the dutch poet Lucebert. It inspired me to make an abstract poem which lines of aluminium rendered the image of writing.The work is build up of bulging transparant textile in wich aluminium strips feature as lines.

The poem has two parts of 2.00x1.20cm

Inspired by the treas in the dunes in Schoorl I made these birches for Schoorlse Kunsten 2012. Instead of paintbrushes I used wads of textile to paint the images on unprinted newsprint. Two works of 2.80x1.50m


I created new forms of tree bark for four poplars in 2014 for Art and Trees in Oisterwijk  I chose aluminium to be the basis and  combined this with corrugated cardboard paper as its lines reproduce the natural rhythm of movement in the bark of the tree

Tree bark rhythm

‘I try poetically’

   “ Bound and Free”

This work shows how your train of thought defines your actions. The materials used are aluminium, pulp cane, bamboo and textile. Fotos:

Bound” Spatial work, approximately 35 x 25 cm.

“Free” Half spatial work on a basis of transparent textile.